Charity Gallery.

Following on from yesterday’s post regarding trying to reach riders it suddenly dawned on me that my final plea would be to you, as I could currently be one misjudged attempt away from a restraining order!!

Surely too good to go unsigned?

If anyone knows any ways of reaching Shakey, Dan Linfoot, Michael Rutter, Taz Mackenzie, Jake Dixon, Brad Ray or Dean Harrison then please, please either let them know or let me know the correct channels to go through.

Shakey in action 2018.

I will only ask exactly what I’ve asked all the other riders that have helped, a maximum of 10 shots and with all postage covered for return. I have tried Facebook and also attempted Twitter and Instagram, although I have no idea what I am doing with either of those, but so far this has proved unsuccessful.

I am utterly convinced, given the riders mentioned, that I am going about things the wrong way rather than being shunned and this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a case of naming and shaming. It is simply a plea for help to add these amazing riders to the Gallery.

Taz Mackenzie at Oulton.

If you can help then please either use the Contact page on the website, drop me an email at or use the Facebook page. Thanks Chris.