Coming soon.

As a result of the continued pain and discomfort of a slipped disc next Saturday’s No Limits Trackday at Oulton is currently looking very doubtful but things are still gathering pace behind the scenes and I am delighted, and a little terrified, to say that I have been invited to Walthew House to give a talk to a group of people with varying degrees of sensory disability.

It has been quite the week for making, or arranging to make, my debuts in all kinds of different ways and hopefully another announcement will be coming very soon.

For the time being though my first talk and Q&A will be taking place on Tuesday 23rd April. I will be running through how I lost my sight, why photography, my love of racing, how I do what I do, the people who commit so much time to helping me and anything else the group are curious about. I see this as a big honour and privilege and I hope that I prove interesting enough to be asked back in the future.

You can find out much more about Walthew House and the amazing work they do on their Facebook page or by simply typing in your search engine.