Live Prize Draw.

That’s right ladies and gents we will be attempting a live draw to determine the winner of the hand signed John McGuinness print at 8pm on Sunday evening, being a complete and utter technophobe this venture into the unknown has umpteen opportunities to go horribly wrong in spectacular fashion and could turn into total farce. If that happens there will be a contingency plan in place to go ‘low-tech’ with 1-100 written on paper and folded up to be drawn from a hat!!

One of the choice of 8 that the winner will receive.

Don’t forget that there is also a bonus draw with the chance to win a little bit of exclusive blind ‘tog’ merch that is currently unavailable anywhere else.

Thank you to everyone that bought a ticket or shared the posts it has got the fund raising efforts off to a fantastic start before the season has even started, your help, support and generosity is very much appreciated.