Making an exhibition of myself.

While the No Limits Trackday as Oulton Park on the 23rd looks evermore out of reach thanks to my glass back it is looking increasingly like I will soon be holding my very first exhibition thanks to Stockport Libraries who in principle have given me the go ahead to display some of my work pending meetings to discuss location, size of exhibition area and perhaps most importantly how on earth am I going to do it!

Kurt Wigley, likely to be blown up for the exhibition.

More than likely to be taking place at Marple Library it will also be a nice walk down memory lane as I grew up in Marple Bridge and went to Marple Hall High School so from a personal point of view the location couldn’t be more appropriate and it will provide a great platform for me to spread the word about what I’m doing with my camera and importantly what our charity partners are currently doing in their respective communities and why we are working together to raise awareness and funds.

Local rider Ben Luxton will also be in the frame to be blown up!

I will be keeping everyone up to date as we finalise details and preparations get under way, hopefully I’ll be able to provide some photo’s as things begin to take shape, if you are a local rider don’t be surprised to hear the words “Can you do my a favour?” over the next few weeks. The above mentioned preparation will begin with me Googling ‘What is an Exhibition’