Preparation for the season ahead is in full swing.

Since the final meeting of 2018 we have been replacing our equipment and adding to our list of essentials as we look to the 2019 season and my first year as a ‘pro’. My trusty camera has been retired after 3 solid years of service and is in fact about to be on its way to a new home, I hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I have.

Joining me this year are 2 new Canon bodies that I am very much looking forward to getting to grips with and hopefully I will be able to get to a few track days before the season kicks off where I can run through the systems and decide which will be my main weapon and which will be my back up. We have added a new bag, some waterproof covers that will enable me to continue to shoot in the rain without also trying to juggle an umbrella which will then hopefully unsure that I don’t have another ‘Darley’ moment where I was blown off the banking at the Hairpin onto the road 15 feet below to the delight of the guy sheltering under the tree!

Old faithful and I in action at Donington.

Spare batteries, memory cards, various cases, chargers and most importantly the USB station for the Sigma 150-600 that I added last year, this will enable the lens to be automatically updated whenever the boffins at Sigma alter the software. Thankfully I will no longer be trying to carry 3 bags either as Father Christmas brought me a new bag that is so big I could, if needed probably get into.

The final additions to my 2019 kit are 2 pairs of eye shields that I will be picking up from Walthew House in the next week or so, these should help to filter light to various degrees and will, I hope, give me a little better control. Sadly they wont improve my sight but as I’m sure you can appreciate anything that can give me an edge over my sighted competition is worth a punt!