Prize Draw Results.

So the live draw went as well as I expected when the laptop decided it wasn’t playing ball and the iPad didn’t want to play either. However we got there in the end although the 15% of left eye vision was stretched to the max trying to see the all important numbers, it was a very good job Mrs Blind Photographer was here and was prepared to help with the filming.

The winner of the John McGuinness hand signed and framed print was #24 and that ticket belongs to Darley Moor Champ Jamie Pearson.

Jamie Pearson, new owner of our first charity prize draw.

Congratulations to Jamie and a huge thank you to everyone that entered the draw, you raised £100 to be split between our charity partners.

The second draw saw number 59 come out and the owner of that ticket was Charlie Morris who wins himself a little bit of exclusive Blind ‘tog’ bling.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making our first venture into fund raising a massive success, there will be a new draw in the next few months that will hopefully feature another T.T winner.