An appeal.

Much of what I now have in place here is down to a young man who needs a little help in exactly the way he has been offering to others it himself.

Daniel Hosker came to me in 2018 and asked if I wanted to put my logo on his race bike, at this point I had to logo or stickers. He said he wanted “to help small businesses to get the word out” and the space on the fairing was free to those who wanted to take advantage of his wonderful gesture.

Daniel in action at 3 Sisters.

Finding out a little more about Daniel I discovered that this year he is due to sit his GCSE’s, let that sink in for a second. When most of his peers are blowing each others heads off playing Fortnight and grunting at their parents he was making a very adult offer to help others.

Now Daniel needs a little bit of help to continue and grow his racing career, if you own a company or want to get into racing please think about Daniel as a potential partner for the season, very social media savvy he will make sure you get plenty of advertising on his various sites and race bikes, he isn’t asking for thousands of pounds nor does he expect others to fund his racing while he sits back and relaxes, he just wants a chance to shine.

Daniel continues to gain track experience and will be hoping to lose the Novice bib soon.

If you feel you, or someone you know, are in a position to help Daniel this year please get in touch with him directly via the Facebook link on the Magnificent 7 section of our Friends page.