John’s Motorcycle News.

If you are lucky enough to know about JMN then it will obviously need no introduction and if you didn’t know about it then you soon will!

John and I have been in touch via email for quite some time now after he heard about my rather odd little story and wanted to know a bit more about what he called “a first on me”.

The bikers bible, John’s Motorcycle News.

Featuring a whole host of amazing articles and information JMN is often referred to as the ‘bikers bible’ and a quick look at the impressive website leaves you in no doubt that this is the place to be for all your biking needs and more.

Please do go and visit the site and spend some time exploring the incredible array of features that are on there, it is truly a labour of love for John. Not only is John an internet sensation for all things two wheeled he also has a monthly spot with John Gilmore on BBC Radio Lancashire and I am delighted to say that hopefully soon I will be making a guest appearance with the 2 Johns.While on the website do look out for the Newsletter sign up that will help you to stay up to date with events happening all over the UK and you can also follow on Twitter @jmc1news

I can’t thank John enough for his help and the coverage he has offered me with the story currently running and hopefully another trip into the studio and I’m really looking forward to meeting him in person.