Jordan Weaving, top fella and new Charity Gallery entrant!

Jordan is our latest recruit to the gallery but he is also a first. With great trepidation I approached Jordan a few weeks back to tell him the nature of the images I had, how much they spoke to me about bike racing and would he consider coming on-board and signing a couple?

Jordan after of little off at Oulton.

Of course he would and within a matter of minutes he was ‘in’ and became our very first crash entry. To be perfectly honest it was a complete fluke that I caught the two images as I just reacted to the scraping noise and swung the camera around but sadly in the days after it was discovered the Jordan had actually done a little more damage than first thought and basically it ended his season. Now back fully fit the likable South African racing for the Jones Dorling Racing Team is back and looking to take the British Superstock 1000 by the scruff of the neck and make his mark at the sharp end of the pack.

Thank you for being such a great sport Jordan.