Peter Hickman.

As mentioned in yesterday’s news post we have our 30th rider in the bag and it is one that needs no introducing!

Peter agreed to help with our fund raising efforts well before Christmas but with hardly a day to himself these day’s it has taken a while to get things organised logistically and I have to say a little difficult to keep the news to myself.

Peter in action last year.

Lap record holder at the fearsome T.T, Macau winner yet again and a place in the British Superbike title showdown, amongst several other big race victories made 2018 a pretty special year by anyone’s reckoning and I can only wonder at what could be achieved this year with a new bike and a host of challengers snapping at his heels.

There are 3 different images to choose from but there are only 10 in total so get in touch sooner rather than later.

Thanks you for the help Peter.