Richie and the Egg give everyone a peak behind the curtain!

Both Richie Harrison and John Bain have both been guilty of social media tassel twirling in the past few days as they gave everyone a little glimpse of their 2019 machines.

It lives, it breathes and it will soon be tasting glory!

In Richie’s case the ‘professor’ of all thing two-wheeled at Myerscough College (and star of UK Clubsport’s First Edition) and his team of determined and clearly talented students it was a chance to put the wind up the rest of the PDMCC’s Streetstock, Evostock or 50cc classes (ACU everyone’s waiting!!) with a short live film of the little 125 machine sounding as sweet as the proverbial nut.

Meanwhile over in Wales, Anglesey’s Fastest Easter Egg was once again revealing that real men wear pink as he gave a flash of the new front fairing colours for the Thundersport GB Championship and the Road Racing season ahead. The bike is apparently coming along nicely ahead of Round 1 at Brand Hatch on the 30th and 31st of March.

A dream colour combination for my ‘spotters’. Surely a sight to behold on the Mountain course and UK circuits this season.

We will be bringing you news of all 20 Magnificent Seven (?) members as they wrap up pre-season and get ready for the flag to drop.