Stockport Talking Newspapers.

Wednesday saw me make my rather nervous debut in a recording studio as I met up with Tina and the amazingly motivated and committed team responsible for putting together the weekly editions of Stockport Talking Newspaper, you may remember that in early January they covered the story that the Stockport Express ran about me and our charity efforts.

My wonderful hand made card thanking me for my time in the studio.

So enthusiastic about the work they do and the vital service they supply it was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with them behind the scenes before it was time to take my place behind the mic. The whole interview should be available very soon and you will be able to find it on the STNA website or alternatively I will be loading it to our site and the FB page as soon as possible.

If you have family or friends that have a visual impairment please mention talking newspapers to them as they are available all around the country and provide a free service that covers local, national and international news and if you are as lucky as I/we are in Stockport you will also be able to access some fascinating articles on local history and events happening in the community.

The front cover of my amazing handmade thank you card.

I must say a huge and heartfelt thank you to whole team for making me feel so welcome and at ease and to Tina for the fantastic Thank You card she created for me. I hope to be back in the studio again in the future.