Syndicated by STNA.

The interview that we did with Stockport Talking Newspapers will soon be featuring in the March magazine and will be available to hear again via the STNA website late on Wednesday 6th (Track 15).

After the STNA magazine has launched, Tina and the team have decided to syndicate our interview to the Talking Newspaper Federation meaning that every TN will have access to the story and that potentially every blind person in the UK will have the chance to hear of our exploits, something I am incredibly excited about and extremely proud of. Talking newspapers can be accessed online by anyone sight impaired or not and feature a host of different stories both regional and countrywide so do feel free to explore what they have to offer.

The associated articles regarding my own story will once again be on the website from early Thursday morning for the benefit of any new listeners, they will then feature every Wednesday this month.