The Magnificent Seven.

With racing about to kick off in earnest for 2019 it’s time for a rollcall of the Magnificent Seven (See if you can spot the error!)

Ash Gibson, just one of the tremendous group of talent and potential champions this year.

And so, in no particular order (all to be considered No1), these are the heroes that will be racing with a visor decal, fairing sticker or both in 2019;

  • Mark Brailsford.
  • Tom Gigg.
  • John Bain.
  • Garry Broughton.
  • Dave Shallcross.
  • Steven Pawley & David Hammond / SPR – F2 Sidecar Racing Team.
  • Chris Cooper.
  • Shane Payne.
  • Daniel Hosker.
  • Joe Walton.
  • Ash Gibson / Green Ant Racing.
  • Markus Meeks.
  • John Marsh.
  • Tim Hudson.
  • Owen Richardson.
  • Richie Harrison.
  • Zach Oultram.
  • Sam Grief.
  • Benjamin Heaton.
  • Paul Jordan.
Dave Shallcross’ new tailfin decal.

I am very, very proud to be involved with each and every one of these generous men and wish them all a very fast, safe and trophy laden season. These riders are all self-funded to keep themselves on track and entertaining us, if you would like to get involved and get closer to the on track action you can give any one of them a nudge via their own Facebook pages and websites or through me on our ‘Contact’ page. They would love to hear from you and you will be assured a very warm welcome.