Charity Draw/Hicky.

I’m going to try a different tact in an attempt to sell the remaining tickets for the latest charity draw. Although I would be delighted if you would risk £1 to be in with a chance of winning this unique prize, I would now ask everyone to share either this post or the ‘pinned’ post on our Facebook page. Currently the pinned post alone has been seen by over 4000 people which is fantastic and I thank everyone who has taken the time to have a look at it but the idea is to sell tickets and so I am turning to you to help.

Every share I can take advantage of means that I am reaching a wider and wider audience that quite simply I’m not able to do for myself at this stage of our development & growth. That knock-on-effect is vital in fundraising as in any type of business and with 1050+ followers on FB then YOU can really make a difference.

To enter simply use PayPal and the email address (Please use the friends and family option as these draws cost me a fortune already in printing, framing and postage) Pay your £1 (A max of £5) and use the contact page on the website or FB Messenger to let me know your numbers and that is it. Anyone without access to PayPal can contact me for the charity bank account details.

Please, please help if you can and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. If we get this one sold out soon I promise to leave you alone for a month or two!!