Chrissy Rouse almost makes the Charity Gallery!

It seems that fate is completely against Chrissy joining the ever growing list of riders in the Gallery. Firstly I send him shots of his teammate Jordan Gilbert by mistake which Chrissy took in good humour and even offered to forward them on.

By luck I then stumbled across the above shot and Chrissy once again agreed to help so copies were ordered and re-sent to the North East. Step forward the imbecile at Royal Mail who despite a double layer of cardboard sleeves for protection and no less than 5 ‘Please Do Not Bend’ stickers placed on the envelope the genius with the big red bag would simply not be deterred in his determination to avoid knocking on the door.

Thank you Royal Mail.

As a result all the images were ruined and, for now, Chrissy can’t be included but my sincere thanks go to him for his efforts to help us. Incidentally I have now been waiting for 8 days for an official explanation from Royal Mail.