Darley Moor Round 1.

We arrived at 2pm on Friday and as soon as camp was established Mrs Blind Photographer was out of there at pace and I was solo for the next 48hrs.

Chris Copper ran strongly on Sunday.

What I found was it really is true about the ‘racing family’ and how I’m beginning to be embraced by it. It was fantastic to catch up and spend time with some of the Magnificent Seven although Mark Brailsford managed to elude me all weekend, technically that actually isn’t that difficult!!

The racing on Sunday got off to a very jittery start with 4 red flags over two separate classes and only one full lap completed which made my intricate planning of the night before utterly useless and it admittedly caught me on the hop a little. Having never taken shots at Paddock, Wilsons or Park before I was quite nervous and apprehensive but mostly excited to challenge myself in new environments.

Not a bad debut at Wilsons as Mark Brailsford flashes past.

All in all it was a great weekend spent with some truly great people where I challenged myself and won. The Magnificent Seven all ran strongly in their classes and against some seriously big hitters such as Daley Mathison, Josh Daley, Jim Hodson and Mark Goodings that had arrived chasing signatures for their road racing licenses.