Dave Shallcross/David Shallcross Racing, Darley Moor Round 1.

Dave was another rider high on confidence going into the new season after a very strong finish to 2018 and despite finding a number of ‘ringers’ in his classes he did not disappoint. Qualifying 12th in the Peak Cup Dave moved up four slots to finish 8th overall and followed that up with a 9th overall in race 2 and all the while onboard a 600cc machine against at least 11 1000cc bikes on the grid which just goes to show how well prepared Dave had got himself.

Dave flashes through Wilson’s in the Peak Cup on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile in the Formula 600 championship Dave started from the second row of the grid in 5th position and despite some close battles took the chequered flag in the same place. Race 2 saw the Stockport man make a pretty dreadful start as the bike decided to try and launch itself skywards and it was all he could do to keep the front wheel touching tarmac as the field flashed past him. What followed, I can only presume, was a fairly annoyed Dave taking it out on the riders ahead as he carved his way through to take an impressive 7th in the circumstances.

Dave making hay in the 2nd Formula 600 race of the day.

With a job well done Dave and his support team headed home in a good place and looking forward to round two next month.