Easter weekend round up.

Whilst a certain sight challenged photographer was enjoying the sunshine and indulging in a pint or two a cider there was a fair amount of testing being undertaken by the Magnificent Seven.

Garry Broughton.

Wondering how it’s got to the stage where he now sets his alarm for 5a.m on a bank holiday instead of stumbling home at that time Garry headed off to Mallory Park where he once again proved that real men race in pink!

Garry gets ready to roll at Mallory (Image curtesy of Graeme Voller).

Despite a huge turnout on the day Garry found himself plenty of track time and completed a very productive test ahead of his first visit of the year to Darley Moor in early May where hopefully he can hit the ground running and make some in-roads on the riders that took the championship points at round one.

Thrashing the minitwin in the glorious sunshine at Mallory Park. (Image curtesy of Chell Clix Photography).

We’ll be looking forward to catching up with Garry at Darley as he aims to get his season there off to a flying start.

Tom Gigg.

Tom also found himself basking in glorious weather at the beautiful Anglesey circuit as he got himself more comfortable and familiar with the new ‘big’ bike that has joined the usual Pre-Injection 600 for this year.

Tom was flying on the Yamaha 1000 at Trac Mon (Image curtesy of Tom Gigg).

Starting the test off in spectacular fashion Tom was instantly under his previous best lap time and reported that the bike felt dialled in from the word go giving him the confidence to keep on pushing as he took full advantage of clear blue skies over the picturesque Welsh circuit.

The big Yam dwarfing the little 600 in the teams awning (Image curtesy of Tom Gigg).

Tom then took the chance to make use of a track instructor after the lunchbreak and received plenty of positive feedback regarding his riding position and the lines he is using as his lap-times tumble as well as being able to take onboard the advice and feedback that was given. All of which leaving Tom in no doubt at all that it had been a vital and very worthwhile exercise and that gains had been mage in every department.

Have swapped the Wirral 100 meeting at Oulton for the No Limits Endurance race later in the month we will hopefully catch up with Tom at Three Sisters for the 1st Round of the PDMCC Championship.

Chris Coops.

While Garry and Tom enjoyed successful days out in the sun the same, sadly, couldn’t be said of Chris and his beautifully turned out Suzuki.

Coops at Darley Moor earlier this month.

Things had started in great fashion where Chris managed to get some quality track-time in with the intermediate group and, other than a small issue with the rear brake continually binding, things seemed to be going to plan. Eager to cram a few more laps into the day, Coops took the chance to grab a extra session with the fast group and all was going to plan until a few laps from the end when an engine component failed and heading towards Townleys at 100+ Chris found his back wheel covered in oil!

The aftermath (Image curtesy of Chris Coops).

Going down and hitting the tyre wall ‘hard’ Chris got away quite lightly given the huge speed and location of the incident and later described himself as ‘okayish’. Sadly the bike definitely came out of things looking decidedly second hand although the full extent of damage remains to be seen.

Chris is currently hoping that the damage is more cosmetic than anything else. (Image curtesy of Coops Racing).

A full strip down and assessment is now planned where, hopefully, things may not turn out to be a bad as initially thought but Chris is definitely out of the next round at Darley Moor with the following round also now in jeopardy dependant on damage.

As far as I’m aware everyone else was safe and well and no doubt glued to British Superbikes or World Endurance.