Now that the dust has settled on the weekend’s racing it’s time once again to ask you for a hard earned £1. I do very much appreciate that only around 20 or 30 of these collectors items fall behind every persons couch on a weekly/monthly basis throughout the year and this is why I deliberately set the bar so low.

It’s not bad for a quid.

If the asking amount is a little too rich for you then please go to the Facebook page and share the pinned post as far and as wide as you possibly can. I would really love to get this sold out before the end of the month and I am more than prepared to unleash Joe Walton on you all once again but would prefer to keep things civilised as far as possible!!

This is an absolute one off thing to win, a image taken by a blind photographer, featuring the T.T outright lap record holder, framed and delivered to your front door for £1. It even comes with a guarantee of a great nights sleep for helping the less fortunate.