I am now booked to finally witness the Manx GP in what is sure to be a very busy couple of days on that special little rock in the Irish Sea.

Arriving at 2pm (Subject to tidal delay) on Thursday 29th August, I will be checking into my hotel and making my way straight to the paddock to meet a long list of people that have helped me get to this point.

John Bain will be on my list of hands to shake (Image curtesy of John Bain).

After making the rounds, offering thanks, taking some shots and savouring the atmosphere it will then be time to head back into Douglas for an early night.

Sam Grief could be heading for Lightweight honours (Image curtesy of Sam Grief)

Up at first light (ish) I’ll be off to take up my first vantage point of the day ready for the Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight race before a change of hedge for the final race of the meeting the Senior Manx GP. After the racing is all over I will make my way, via the pit area, back to the town centre for a well earned pint and, no doubt, some delicious Manx Queenies.

Saturday morning I’ll be packing up, checking out and killing time before the ferry back to Liverpool.

Probably goes without saying that I cannot wait to be wedged in a tree on that beautiful little island once again.