Oulton Park, still drying out!

The Wirral 100 meeting at Oulton Park on Saturday was by far the most challenging experience I have had since picking up a camera, the rain didn’t relent for a single second and by 3pm I had gone through 2 t-shirts, 3 hoodies, 2 jackets, 2 “waterproof” coats, 3 bobble hats and my Tyco umbrella had been fatally injured!

A huge pat on the back must go to everyone involved in actually getting through so much racing, I believe only 2 races were victims of the conditions, club officials, the orange army, team members, Oulton Park staff, a surprisingly good amount of hardy spectators and the brave men and women that ventured out on to the continually wet circuit.

All my shots from the day are now live on the website and are once again available to download absolutely free of charge. I am asking for a small voluntary contribution to the charity fund raising efforts but this is by no means compulsory in any way. If you would like to throw 10p, 20, 50, £1 into the pot then please use the ‘family & friends’ option on PayPal and the email address cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com any and everything gratefully received.

I look forward to catching up with the W100 again at the beautiful Anglesey/Trac Mon circuit where hopefully we’ll be blessed with a bit of sunshine.