Technical Gremlins (a.k.a the blind technophobe).

Once again technological incompetence has reared it’s ugly head as I have become aware that around 60 or so images from the first round at Darley Moor had been uploaded incorrectly!

We are GO! (Again)

Handing over the problem to my brilliant tech guru Jake not only is the issue now sorted but I actually know (I think) what and how it happened thanks to Jake taking the trouble to explain things in a way that even I can, sometimes, understand. Said images have now all been deleted and re-loaded and are now available free of charge but I would like to encourage you to put a small sum in the charity account using PayPal and the email there is no upper or lower limit but would be nice to make an extra tenner for our partners. Thanks to Dave Carson of Two Dave’s Racing for putting £5 in the kitty, much appreciated.

Returning to Jake again for a second, those that have had a look at the website will no doubt agree that he has done a top notch job and his prices are very, very reasonable for the amount of work he puts in. Believe it or not this site was also his very first website design (Yep!). You can find his details on the Credits page or I can put you in touch with him if you prefer.

Sorry for the cock-up but normal service has now been resumed.