The Talk is On!

After hoping for a few weeks that it was all a very confusing dream, I am now booked in to become a ‘public speaker’.

Bloody Hell!!

On Tuesday I will be back at the amazing Walthew House in Stockport giving a talk on my photographic career so far and, more importantly, how bike racing has taken to me and my exploits. I’m due ‘on stage’ at 11am and for the first time in my life will no doubt be utterly speechless.

Walthew House did a fantastic job in helping me to come to terms with my own sight loss and continue to do so with very little external support which is one of the reasons I continually ask you all for a £1 to be put into the draw to win my signed images, I consider myself extremely fortunate that I fell under their care, for many deaf/blind people that isn’t the case and so every single penny counts.

I will of course be in my dressing room on Tuesday at 9am demanding that Elton John both carries and sings me on to the stage!!