A plea for help, Please read!

One of the main objectives when I decided to take my photography more seriously was to become the first blind person in the world to be given full media accreditation and therefore be able to apply for a ‘media bib’ and work trackside.

With this in mind I approached Gary Thompson the General Secretary of the ACU and after a few email exchanges it was decided that Gary would put my details to the ACU insurers and any decision would be down to them.

With the Manx GP fast approaching I am now turning to social media and my racing friends for the next stage of my masterplan.

So how can you help?

In a nut shell by giving me a character reference. I fit every part of the criteria in terms of what the ACU expects from it’s approved ‘togs’ and at no point in that list of criteria does it state the photographer ‘MUST BE SIGHTED’ and I firmly believe I pose no more danger to anyone than any other snapper out there does. I know exactly how to behave when the track is ‘live’ and how to place myself in safe positions at all times so in many ways I’m actually safer than most.

I don’t believe I’m entitled to any special treatment, nor am I asking for any, I simply want the chance to compete on an equal footing, something everyone has a right to do.

The more riders and teams that are prepared to support me and my case the more weight my appeal will carry and so if you can spare a few minutes a small reference would be a huge help to attain my aims and getting me into that coveted luminous bib. You can email me at cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com or if you feel particularly helpful you can send via snail-mail to 18 Conway Drive, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 5NB.

I realise that my reach only goes so far so if you would share this post to as many racing people as you possibly can I would very much appreciate the help.

Thank you, Chris.