Hicky prize draw.

Thanks to your generosity so far we now have £160+ in our charity account and I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s help and support.

The Hicky image still has plenty of space to get your entry in. For the chance to win this one off image, hand signed, framed and delivered to your front door you simply need to PayPal over your £1 using the email address cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com and let me know the number or numbers (5 max) you would like and you’re in.

If you don’t have or use PayPal then please don’t be put off, just use the Contact page on the website and I can give you the charity account details.

With the T.T fast approaching and Peter sure to be amongst the front runners this is surely a great chance to put yourself in with a chance to win

Selling this one out will take us well passed the £200 mark so please, if you can, get in touch and give us a quid!

Please, please share this far and wide folks, the more people know about it the more likely we can sell the remaining numbers.

Thank you, Chris.