M7 Round up, No Limits, Anglesey/Trac Mon & NGRRC, Donington Park.

Having endured a miserable meeting with PDMCC last week in Wigan Tom Gigg decided to step out of the proverbial frying pan and into the, No Limits Endurance, fire.

Tom, second left, enjoyed a great time and knocked chinks off his best ever lap times (IMage curtesy PwP Images)

Bravely launching themselves into the No Limits paddock for the very first time Tom and his 3 teammates (all making their debuts) decided to enter the 3hr endurance event and measure themselves against some of the best, and quickest, endurance teams in the UK.

Qualifying saw Tom on circuit and under his previous best lap times at the circuit on every single lap he completed eventually knocking an incredible 3 seconds off his old PB and helping the team to 7th from the 13 bikes in their class.

Phillip Island? Tom enjoying the beautiful weather and circuit at Anglesey (Image curtesy of PwP Images)

Lining up as the third rider out on track Tom found the longer stints on the bike to be a bit of a challenge but also enjoyable and running at full race pace for longer stretches is sure to pay off when the likeable Welshman is next on track as a solo competitor. Once again every lap Tom completed was under his previous best and with the team running in 6th position under a blazing sun everything seemed to be going according to plan until a sudden mechanical problem developed and it was all over as quick as that.

For 4 riders all making their debuts with No Limits it was a pretty stellar effort and although they didn’t finish the race the experience will surely stand them in good stead for the future, it isn’t every day you find 3 seconds a lap!!

Owen O’show Richardson.

The final M7 runner out last weekend was Owen as he once again hit the famous Donington Park circuit and this time with the North Gloucestershire Road Racing Club. Slotting himself into the MS600 field Owen was onboard his KIRA Haircare Products Kawasaki ZX6R for his second visit to the Derbyshire (ish) former Grand Prix circuit this year as he continues to find form and confidence after last years spectacular off.

Owen in action at Donny (Image curtesy of Glyns Photo’s)

In a field of 40 bikes ‘The show’ held his own in race 1 coming home in 18th place with a best lap of 1.17.090. Result don’t seem to have Owen starting or finishing race 2 but judging from the drop in lap times during the 2 races on Sunday there may well have been some ‘fettling’ happening in the paddock area.

Sunday’s first race saw an instant improvement with a 16th place at the flag but more importantly nearly 2 seconds dropped off Saturdays best lap with a 1.15.155, race pace and lap times are probably far more important than finishing positions right now for the Daventry joker in the pack and if that’s the case then race 4, the final race of the weekend, saw Owen gain nearly another 0.5 of a second and although he didn’t finish the race itself he will surely take huge encouragement from gaining the time he did.

I think that wraps up the M7 activity for last weekend and a few weekend off for us now as the NW200 and the T.T now take centre stage. Massive thanks to all the guys for their help and support, anything else I can do just let me know.