On the road again.

Whilst various bits of equipment are still drying out we are packing our bags for a jam packed bank holiday weekend.

Former MotoGP star Scott Redding had some interesting things to say about his first visit to Oulton Park.

On Saturday we’re back at Oulton Park for the ‘free practice’ day of the second round of the British Superbike Championship. Having got so many good shots last week, that will hopefully be added to the Charity Gallery at some point this season, I am unsure whether or not my cameras will be making the journey with us or to just have a leisurely day and a few beers.

On Sunday the camera will most definitely be with us as we arrive at Three Sister’s for the first round of the PDMCC championship, As well as a full day of action on track it will also give us a chance to catch up with Tom Gigg, Daniel Hosker and Richie Harrison as they all look to get their season off to a flying start.

Dan Hosker will be in Wigan for round one despite having a very busy year ahead off track.

On Monday we will once again be heading ‘over the top’ to Ashbourne and round two of the Darley Moor championship, another great chance to say hello to the friends I met at round one and also to introduce myself to 3 or 4 more member of the Magnificent Seven who, for various reasons, didn’t make the first meeting of the year. Sadly Chris Coops hasn’t been able to prepare his battered Suzuki in time after his huge off in testing but hopefully that means I’ll get the chance to have a quick beer with him during the day.

Guess who’s back?

It seems that in the true style of entertainers around the world Mark Meakin is back and ‘For one night only’. Having spent countless hours investigating the sudden power loss issues of round one, Mark and the team discovered it was all down to the anti-slip side of the clutch having shifted out of place which is a simple and inexpensive fix and so with round two already booked and paid for then the likable Nottingham based rider will take to the start line on bank holiday Monday.

Anyone wanting a place on our spotters list for any of the events should get in touch ASAP as we have a very busy weekend ahead and I don’t want to miss anyone off.

Keep it pinned ladies and gentlemen and see you over the weekend.