June’s action.

As June is now upon us it’s probably time to let you know our plans for the month ahead.

While keeping an eye, for what that’s worth for me!, on all the action over at the T.T I’ll also be prepping my gear on Thursday and Friday ahead of our next visit to Oulton Park for the No Limits meeting on Saturday (8th), it’s the 4th round of the series and will hopefully give us the chance to catch up with one or two of the M7 as well as enjoy the various classes involved in the championship which includes the Le Mans style start endurance race.

After the action at Oulton our attention switches to the tight and twisty 3 Sister’s circuit in Wigan for the 2nd round of the PDMCC championship. Again we will be hoping to catch up with some of the Magnificent Seven including Richie Harrison and Daniel Hosker as they look to build on their promising starts to the 2019 season.

The following weekend will then see us heading ‘over the top’ to Ashbourne on Sunday for Darley Moor round 3 (16th) where hopefully the weather will be kinder than it was for the second round and with battered and broken machines and bodies now getting closer to a return to the track it looks like a full compliment of title contenders will be out on track to entertain us.

Saturday 22nd and 23rd offers a tantalising choice of both Thundersport and Wirral 100 at Mallory Park and Anglesey/Trac Mon respectively and while there are no plans currently in place to attend if it becomes possible in any way then we will see what we can do.