Galleries 2019.

For those that aren’t aware, as well as the few assorted images I put on Facebook every event that I attend has its own gallery on the website and for 2019 every gallery has 400+ downloadable unwatermarked images available absolutely FREE of CHARGE. I have been asking for small donations in exchange for my shots from these galleries and it really is a case of every little helps as I try to push towards the £200 mark so please give some consideration to making a small contribution.

There are also the signed images which are contained in the Charity Gallery and they can be purchased either framed or unframed so please feel free to get in touch regarding prices. These do make unique gifts as well given the circumstances I am, after all, the only one!!

The Peter HIckman draw is also still live and needing a little help to sell the tickets out ASAP, still only £1 per ticket and anyone donating a £1 or more will also received a random number as a thank you from me.

Thank you for all the support and donations so far it is very much appreciated.