References, a thank you.

Things will hopefully be moving along this week with my request to the A.C.U regarding media accreditation and gaining that coveted yellow bib and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the people that have so far taken the time to write me a letter of reference/support that I will be using to add serious and constructive weight to my case.

As this is likely to end up in the hands of insurers to make a final decision I honestly believe that the more support I can have lined up behind me the better and therefore I am again asking if anyone else is prepared to write a few lines to say that they would have no issue with me working trackside while they are out on circuit.

I’m not simply looking for glowing references but genuine statements that you believe I pose no more danger or risk than anyone else in the same position and that I should be afforded the same opportunity as anyone else. I don’t want, and never have wanted, special treatment but a level playing field is the right of everyone and that is all I am asking for.

If you have seen me around the tracks and paddocks then simply state that, if you haven’t seen me snapping away with the flash on then simply state that, if you haven’t seen me wandering across the circuit, behaving inconsiderately or falling over then please state that.

If you are prepared and happy to help then you can send something over to me via email at

Thank you, Chris.