Walthew House Auction Night.

As you are hopefully aware Walthew House in Stockport is one of the charities that I have been trying to raise some funds for this year with the various prize draws as well as donating all the money that people have donated in exchange for my images from this years racing.

Walthew is entirely self-funded and the only way they can continue the amazing work they do is via public contributions and I consider it a massive honour to be able to champion their cause.

Friday 25th October 7pm is auction time.

While I appreciate that Walthew is a local charity serving people of all ages in the Stockport area I am hoping that I can appeal to everyone that has been following my story this year when I ask if anyone is in a position to donate a ‘lot’ for the night. Maybe you are in a position to donate some tickets to an event in 2020 or some memorabilia that would generate interest on the night. As you can see from the flyer the team have been working frantically to get some huge names behind the appeal and really turn the night into something special that can fund months of help and support for deaf/blind people and their families next year.

If you think you can help then please get in touch ASAP so that your details can be added to the advertising and efforts recognised. You can get in touch with Shannon at Walthew directly or you can drop me a line and I will happily ‘middle man’ everything for you. You can also make a direct donation via the Walthew Facebook page if you wish to do so.

The world can become a much smaller place when you suffer from a sensory loss issue, my world continues to grow thanks to all the people that have supported me over these last few years and that includes YOU but not everyone is as lucky as I am so please help us to open it up a little more in 2020.

Thank you, Chris.