A.C.U / References & Support.

As you know at the start of the 2019 season I approached the ACU regarding media access to allow me to be trackside rather than shooting from the public viewing areas. Despite several emails and phone calls to the people at the top of the organisation there has been absolutely no movement at all and so in the soon to be with us off season I will be redoubling my efforts in my attempts to be treated equally with every other ‘tog’ doing there thing out there.

This year, thanks to UK Clubsport I have once again met all the criteria to qualify for accreditation including my first image used in the physical magazine as well as at least 4 different online reports, the only thing I don’t have is sight and I can’t really do too much about that one!!

My shot of Tony Griffiths from Issue 6 P7 of the UK Clubsport magazine.

What I can do is to continue to pester the ACU and to ask you to continue to drop me a short email if you support the idea of me being treated fairly and equally as I believe everyone is entitled to. I have had some truly wonderful letters of support already but if I can drown Gary and Neil at the ACU in a avalanche of supportive paperwork then I firmly think the weight of that could swing things in my favour so PLEASE PLEASE consider helping me get closer to the action in 2020.

Any help and advice regarding dealing with the ACU would also be gratefully received.

Thank you Chris.