Facebook heads towards 1300, and you can help!

I am very pleased, and really quite humbled, to say that the FB page Chris Swinton 2W’s Blind Photography is hurtling towards 1300 page ‘likes’ and ‘follows’. It’s been incredible to see the support and interest continue to grow at such an amazing rate.

There are several ways you can help me to reach more of the people that I am capturing on camera each weekend and to also help grow the fundraising efforts as well.

  • FACEBOOK, as you will no doubt be aware there is a very easy way that everyone can help small businesses to get their message out there and it literally takes seconds. FB now has a new feature and if you go to my page you can scroll across and find the ‘Community’ section, click on this and then you can invite all your friends to ‘like’ my page. Most people ask you to just INVITE ALL but I would ask you to invite those that would be interested in my odd little story and what I am doing.
  • PRIZE DRAWS. Please think about donating to our fundraising efforts, a number in the Hicky draw will only cost you £1 and for that you have a 1 in 100 chance of having a hand signed 12×8 of your choice framed and delivered right to your front door. £5 will get you a number in the incredible Rep Riders draw and this prize is something very special, a bespoke balance bike in your very own racing colours and again delivered straight to your house. Both prizes to truly unique in different ways and neither will break your bank while doing something amazing for 2 very worthwhile causes.
  • CHARITY GALLERY. I have chased long and hard to have some of my shots hand signed by the current crop of British Superbike riders and it would be absolutely great if people would help spread the word with this, all the money goes straight into the charity account and more riders are being added as fast as I can get in touch with them, I am only 4 or 5 riders short of having the whole BSB riders of 2019 in there as well as many from the support classes. If you can help in any way to track riders down or put me in touch with them then please get in touch.

Thank you.

2019 has been a really successful breakthrough year for me and with your help 2020 can be even bigger.