Hicky is still up for grabs.

Although no longer avaliable on the website please don’t forget that the signed Peter Hickman prize is still up for grabs over on the Facebook page and is still only £1 to enter, with around 50 tickets yet to sell it would be really great if you can spare a quid and get involved, failing that if you donate to the charity fundraising when downloading free images than you will also gain an entry as a thank you.

One of 3 shots of the Worlds fastest road racer that you could win.

An awful lot of time and energy has gone into getting these images signed and into the gallery and it would be great if we can get this one over the line before the end of the season. I am fully prepared to release Joe Walton at this point and the last time that happened 78 tickets were sold in 24hrs so you have now been warned!

To get involved all you need to do is send your £1 via PayPal using the email address cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com and let me know the numbers you would like (Up to a maximum of 5)

Thank you.