Hicky Prize Draw/Charity Gallery.

There are still plenty of tickets left for the latest prize draw and it would be nice to get them taken up as soon as we can.

The rules are very simple, 100 tickets, £1 each and a maximum of 5 per person, pay your entry via PayPal using the email address cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com and let me know the numbers you would like.

Once all the numbers have been taken we will hold a live draw and the lucky winner will receive his or her chosen image, framed and delivered to their front door. Every single penny raised will be split between our charity partners and in helping a good cause you will also receive a great nights sleep!

Please tell everyone you know about the draw, share it on your own FB pages and social media platforms and let try and get this one over the line. At £1 a go you are absolutely guaranteed to not break the bank and be in with a chance of winning something truly unique.