Up next, PDMCC/3 Sisters book the ‘spotters’ list now.

Sunday sees the final trip of the year to Wigan as the Preston & District Motorcycle Club holds its last meeting of the season. Wheel-to-wheel action is guaranteed as several titles will be decided on the day and riders have just 2 races left to lift the winners trophy.

This is the last call for you to get yourself onto my spotters list for the day and hopefully ensure that I get some good shots of you in action as the curtain falls on 2019.

The list costs absolutely nothing to be on and you are in no way expected to then purchase or donate money for the shots I get but it does mean I have an better idea of who I am ‘looking’ out for on track and a better chance of success. All I need is your name, number, class, fairing colours and anything other information I can use to identify you when the lights go out.

You can use the Contact page on the website or drop my a message on the FB page and that’s it.

‘See’ you Sunday.