Gallery cull to begin soon.

With more meeting than ever attended this year the gallery section of the website has already reached capacity once this year and without the help of genius site builder Jake Causier the last 4 or 5 outings would have been pointless with nowhere to put the images and so with a similar number of events already planned for next year then I will have to shortly begin to delete the older galleries.

I’ll be working in reverse order so you still have time to download anything you like from this year but I need to create a lot of space ready for 2020 so this is the last chance to have a look through the back end of the section before they go forever.

While the attention of everyone has now switched to next year, with the exception of those entering the crazy circus of Macau, this is probably a opportune moment to recommend Jake for all your website needs, either full builds, upgrades or tech support if Jake can’t do it then it probably can’t actually be done. I will be more than happy to pass any messages on for you or you can find his contact details on the ‘About Me’ section in Design Credits.