Prize draw plans for 2020.

As some of you will have become aware I have some plans in mind for next years charity prize draws and I now need your help as I want to get this right first time because I’m hoping that with my race diary already looking pretty full the racing will keep me busy enough without having to keep trying to sell the tickets for each draw.

Below are some of the ideas I have been thinking about so far, this isn’t a definitive list nor is it set in stone and this is where you guys come in. I want to give you prizes that you want, I don’t want to alienate anyone male, female, championship, class etc etc so any ideas you have please get in touch. You can message me on the Facebook page, either my personal or photography pages. You can email me at you can use the Contact page on the website and you can even drop me a text message on 07940362257 (Please don’t ring unless we arrange it prior to as I’m almost always unable to answer with one thing or another going on and the boys are in bed after 6pm so always radio silence!).

The more feedback I can gather the better I can tailor the prizes so you get what you want/need to help you go racing. Here is what I have so far;

  • Race entry fees paid (Up to £200).
  • £200 towards fuel, tyre or weekend costs in general.
  • A choice of race gloves from the likes of RST, KNOX & ALPINESTARS.
  • New pit-boards with numbers.
  • Paddock stand (Would be a 50 ticket draw for these).
  • Tool trolley.
  • Paddock trolley.
  • ***In return I would ask that you mention me on your social media pages, and list me as your entrant if you win the race fee draw***

The draws would generally consist of 100 tickets at probably £2 per entry and all the money raised will go directly to our charity partners as the year progresses.

So now it’s over to you guys, please get in touch, all ideas and comments will be gratefully received and hopefully together we can raise a lot of money in 2020.

Thanks, Chris.