Chris Swinton LDPS!

The second time was indeed a charm and I am very proud to announce that my October submission to become only the 50th ever Licentiate of the Disabled Photographers Society was successful and I now officially have letters after my name!

Having failed in my original attempt in March, I received some very constructive feedback from world renowned photographer Margaret Salisbury, (Google the name, seriously impressive), regarding trying to capture the essence of racing rather than looking for the ‘money’ shot and in the subsequent months I worked extremely hard to produce a gallery that would be judged to the same exacting standards as that of the Royal Photographic Society.

What has given my the most pleasure was learning that my submission was evaluated by the esteemed judging panel before they knew of my disabilities, which is something that isn’t normally done, and so to be judged on those terms is something I will cherish forever and my heartfelt thanks go to Margaret for withholding the information and allowing my work to be judged solely on its merits without any special dispensation.

I’m told that upon hearing I was registered blind the panel was left completely speechless. I now have until October 2020 to gather my next submission to gain an Associateship of the DPS which if the ACU finally see fit to grant me trackside access, and I fail to see why they can continue to ignore me, is something I will commit to 100% during the coming season.

***A huge thank you to all those featured in my gallery for making me look far better than I actually am and to Kerry for taking the emotion out of my submission images***