T.T 2020 ferry crossing available (Very reluctantly!).

Very sadly I have a crossing for next years event available, logistically and financially it just isn’t going to be possible for me to attend the ‘greatest show on earth’ so reluctantly I’ll only be there in spirit next year with, hopefully, the chance to return in 2021. This could be ideal for any riders or teams that will be bringing family/friends over for race week so please feel free to share the post and information to anyone who may be interested.

Details are as follows;

OUTBOUND – Heysham – Douglas Tuesday 4th June @ 11.00am

RETURN – Douglas – Liverpool Sunday 14th June @ 16.45pm

Both journey’s are aboard Manannan and the booking is currently for a vehicle L 5.2m Max and H 1.8m Max and 2 adults and 2 infants although this can be changed to suit.

Total fare price is £ 566.00 minus £60 deposit already paid so £506.00 due by 28th February 2020. (Hopefully it goes without saying that I would only like to recoup the deposit I have already paid and nothing more).

You can contact me via the website, Facebook page, email cs2wsblindphoto@gmail.com or you can text on 07940362257.