The very definition of insanity/Prize draws set to close.

According to renowned ‘thinker’ Albert Einstein the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and I think I’ve banged my head against the proverbial brick wall for long enough now and so sadly on w/c 16th of December both of the prize draws currently available will be terminated.


The Peter Hickman draw has sold over half the tickets available and so I will make a draw from those numbers and a winner can be declared, if it draws an unclaimed number then I will continue to generate a number until we arrive at one that is taken.

Sadly the Rep Riders draw has not gone so well and unbelievably only sold one ticket, I really did think this one would fly given the one off nature of the prize and if it was financially viable I would declare that number the winner but the true value of the bike was close to £300 delivered and so it was very much reliant on all the numbers being sold. If Steph Hardman could please contact me I will arrange to send your entry fee back to you, I would also like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Zac at Rep Riders who went out of his way to make this draw possible.

On a positive note the plans for 2020’s draws seem to be getting a little closer to hitting the spot and providing the chance to win prizes that you, as riders, actually want, the feedback received so far has been very encouraging and if you would like to have your say then please drop me a line with your thoughts.

Best wishes Chris.