Prize draw update.

As of Monday tickets sales for the £200 in No Limits trackday vouchers was at a fantastic £198 worth sold meaning only 34 numbers remain. With winter testing beginning to really swing into action the draw is a chance to get yourself 2 full days of track time. At current prices you could find yourself at Cadwell Park & Snetterton in mid April and for only a small investment of £3!

Please feel free to share any of the related posts to any social media groups you think relevant and also word of mouth is equally important so don’t be afraid to give the draw a plug face to face.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone that has so far thrown their hat in to the ring and entered the draw I really do appreciate the help and support, thank you also to the person (who asked to remain anonymous) that paid for 2 entries over the weekend and donated them to the charities we are supporting saying “I can’t actually ride a bike but I think both charities could benefit a second time if they were lucky enough to win”