Camera hibernation is finally over.

It may not be racing but Saturday marks the start of the 2020 season for myself and quite a few riders and teams as we all head to Oulton Park for an official trackday, while the day is open to all levels there are sure to be some seriously quick peddlers taking to the best circuit in the UK for some early testing and familiarisation as many take to new machinery. Whilst I’ll also be trying to get back up to speed I am happy to get a spotter list together for anyone interested, images will be made available free of charge as soon as I possibly can.

You can get in touch in all the usual ways with your details and if possible a shot of the bike you’ll be on. I’ll also be in and around the paddock during the course of the day so if you spot me please feel free to say hello.

Fingers crossed 2020 at Oulton Park will be a dry one!