Green light from A.C.U.

On Friday I finally received the email I had been apprehensively waiting 18mths for from the Auto Cycle Union and I have formally now been given the chance to compete on an even footing with everyone else. Deemed as no more of a risk to the safety of anyone involved in a race meeting I can now apply through the normal channels for media passes and be judged on the merits of my work rather than my perceived disability.

There are still a number of barriers to overcome but I feel that I can now make as strong a case as anyone else currently out there and I have drawn up a ‘Year 1’ shortlist that includes one national road race over in Northern Ireland, one UK based championship and the Manx GP. One of those is already 99% certain and another is looking very promising, I will hopefully be able to follow up over the course of the next few weeks and update everyone as things progress and details are confirmed.

As happy as I am on a personal level that my hard work and perseverance has paid off I am especially proud that I will be drawing more positive and deserved attention to the sensory loss community at large and the amazing things that, when given the chance, we are all capable of. I may be the first but I hope I am by no means going to be the last.