Prize draw update.

With the 2nd charity draw just over halfway sold out and only uncertainty currently lying ahead of all of us I thought I would take the chance to clarify the situation regarding what will happen moving forward in the short term. When this draw sells out I will once again stumble in front of the webcam to do another excruciating live draw for your viewing pleasure and the winner would have had the choice of taking the money for bike improvements or to pay for future race entries, essentially for anything bike/racing related but given the unusual circumstances we currently find ourselves in I feel that the money should be sent no questions asked and used by the winner to make life a little more comfortable even for just a short while in whatever way they see fit.

I sincerely hope that everyone that has currently entered understands the decision I have taken and see that my intention is only to help in these unusual times. Once we go racing the prize will return to a bike related use only as originally planned.

Please continue to help the fundraising by sharing this post to your own pages and via word of mouth, charities need an awful lot of help right now as they are faced with only money going out and nothing actually coming in so now more than ever every little really does help.

£3 is a small price to pay to see me squirm live on camera!

Stay safe, Chris.