Rider interviews – Danny Dulson.

Our 3rd rider interview takes us over to Wrexham in North Wales and 27yr old farmer and racing newcomer Danny Dulson.

Q1 – Race number? 92, the year I was born.

Q2 – Club / Championship? I rode with 2 clubs last year Wirral 100 and Tonfanau.

Q3 – Class / Classes? I try to do 2 classes per round which are Golden Era Supersport & Junior Open with Wirral and Steelframe 600 & Open with Tonfanau.

Q4 – Debut? I’m a newbie still, I only started at the 2nd to last round last year at Anglesey with the Wirral 100 club.

Q5 – Honours / Titles? erm… I got a ‘Best Son’ ribbon once although it was later taken back of me so I’m not sure where I stand with that one!

Danny in action on the R6 (Image curtesy of @mattanthonyphotography).

Q6 – Favourite Circuit & Favourite Corner? Favourite circuit to ride has to be Donington Park. Favourite circuit to watch is the TT hands down, crazy respect for that has ever ridden there. Favourite corner is the final one at Assen.

Q7 – Boyhood heroes? Leon Haslam, always has been since I got addicted to the sport and Jeremy Stenberg, he made me want to do freestyle motocross for a while until I realised I’m scared of heights!

Q8 – Toughest rival? I haven’t got any on-track rivals yet but off-track it’s my head and my own thoughts 100% but as soon as the helmet goes on they get pushed away.

Q9 – If I could swap places with any other rider? If I could swap with anyone I’d probably pick Scott Redding, raced all over the world for years, won races at world level, comes home and wins BSB championship and now off to World Superbikes.

Q10 – Biggest accident? My biggest accident is actually 50 metres up the road from where I live now, I had an Aprillia RS125 seize solid on me and high-sided me down the road in ‘joggers’. (Always wear the right clothing kids!).

Q11 – Biggest influence on your career so far? There’s 3 people who got me into racing really, Ben for taking me with him years ago to watch his dad racing at the old Anglesey circuit , I didn’t even know what a bike was before then. Eric for teaching me to ride Ben’s MT50 the same meeting, so obviously an addiction was discovered. Finally Eric’s grandson Si, we’ve always done stupid things together over the years mainly involving bikes and he’s won the championship I race in so I need to chase him down!

Q12 – Rossi or Marquez? Put them on track together I’ll always cheer for Rossi but I love the Marquez style, he does things on a bike that shouldn’t be done.

Q12a – If I wasn’t racing I would be? Firstly I don’t do superstitions so Q13. If I wasn’t racing I’d be doing the same thing just with a day off on the odd weekend. I love farming and will do it passed retirement too!

Q14 – Nickname? I don’t have a nickname, I’m either Dulson or Danny.

Danny onboard the S-Rad (Image curtesy of @chrismartinimaging).

Q15 – If money were no object I would? If it was no object then of course I’d have my own track. A lad can dream though!

Q16 – Brown or Red sauce / Coke or Pepsi? Give me a vanilla Coke with a bacon, sausage and egg bap covered in brown sauce any day.

Q17 – If I could be one person for one day I would be? Travis Pastrana, I mean come on who wouldn’t want to live a day in those shoes?

Q18 – Cost to race per season? My Mrs is going to see this so we’re going to skip this question!

Q19 – Dream bike? My dream bike is either a Ducati 999 just not on tick-over, or as I’ve recently Paul Owen’s a Honda RS250.

Q20 – Training regime (Gym rat or bike fit)? Training? What’s training? I eat like mad and don’t work out.

Q21 – Dogs or Cats? Dogs everyday. Cats are just psychotic bell-ends.

Q22 – From October to March I can be found doing? In the off season you’ll find me in my workshop “fixing” my bike or playing with cows titties!

Q23 – Dry track, wet track or not fussed? I enjoy the wet over the dry I think but give me a few more wet days and I’ll probably change my mind!

Q24 – Best ever race? I haven’t done many races but the Steelframe 600 races were good fun at Tonfanau.

Again on the S-Rad (Image credit unknown!)

Q25 – Special thanks to? My parents because I sure as hell don’t have enough money to get set up racing and my sponsor Ben @polished perfection and performance.

Big thanks to Danny for his answers, Dogs 4 Cats 0!