Rider interviews – Josh & Anthony Froggatt.

The second Q&A interview to thank the riders helping me out this year while there’s currently no racing is father and son duo Anthony and Josh Froggatt, you can follow Josh’s progress via his FB page Josh Froggatt Racing while Dad keeps his bike ready “Just in case”.

Josh making his racing debut at a very wet Darley Moor last year. (Image curtesy of Tony Else).

Q1 – Race number? Anthony “72”, Josh “72”. Anthony “Josh picked the number himself, made me smile”.

Q2 – Club / Championship? Josh “Daley Moor”, Anthony “Darley Moor”.

Q3 – Class / Classes? Anthony “Pre-Injection 1300”, Josh “Junior 300”

Anthony rounding the Hairpin at Darley Moor.

Q4 – Debut? Josh ” Stars at Darley October 2019″ Anthony “First ever race was August 2009 on a 400 that I crashed, then 7 years later I started with the R1 (2017).

Q5 – Honours / Titles? Anthony “4th in 2017 and then runner up in both 2018 and 2019, maybe there’s some unfinished business!”, Josh “Finished my first race”

Q6 – Favourite circuit and favourite corner? Josh “Mallory Park and Gerards, Anthony “Cadwell Park and Coppice”

Q7 – Boyhood heroes? Anthony “Can’t remember, too long ago!”, Josh “None”.

Q8 – Toughest rival? Josh “Everyone”, Anthony “Myself”.

Q9 – If I could swap places with any other rider? Anthony “Anyone in the British Superbike paddock”, Josh “Valentino Rossi”.

Q10 – Biggest accident? Josh “A lowside at the Hairpin Darley in 2019”, Anthony “August 17th Highside at Paddock Corner Darley, 5 days before going on holiday, I limped for months!”.

Q11 – Biggest influence on your career so far? Anthony “John McGuinness as we’re the same age”, Josh “My Dad”.

Josh in action on his 300.

Q12 – Rossi or Marquez? Josh “Rossi”, Anthony “Sir Rossi”.

Q12a – If I wasn’t racing I would be? Anthony “Mardy!”, Josh “Riding my mountain bike”.

Q14 – Nickname? Josh “Don’t really have one”, Anthony “Antnee by the wife, Ant by mates”.

Q15 – If money were no object I would? Anthony “Have my own circuit”, Josh “Buy more bikes”

Q16 – Brown or red sauce, Coke or Pepsi? Josh “Red, don’t drink either!”, Anthony “Red and Coke”.

Q17 – If I could be one person for one day I would be? Anthony “Peter Hickman on his TT lap”, Josh “Rossi”.

Q18 – Cost to race per season? Josh “Not a clue just lots”, Anthony “No comment!”

Q19 – Dream bike? Anthony “Ducati 916”, Josh “kx450 supermoto”

Q20 – Training regime (Gym rat or bike fit)? Josh “None”, Anthony “Bike fit”.

Anthony ripping through Townleys at Darley.

Q21 – Dogs or Cats? Anthony “Dogs”, Josh “Dogs”.

Q22 – From October to March I can be found doing…? Josh “X-Box”, Anthony “Working!”.

Q23 – Dry track, wet track or not fussed? Anthony “Dry!”, Josh “Wet”.

Q24 – Best ever race? Josh ” Star at Darley 2019″, Anthony Cadwell Park with NGRRC, finished 2nd in Pre-Injection class”.

Q25 – Special thanks to…? Anthony “Nina, Josh, Emily, Graham, Simon and Mark”. Josh “My dad and all my sponsors”.

Big thanks to both Josh and Anthony for their answers, don’t forget you can follow Josh’s racing adventures on his dedicated Facebook page as he hopefully gets a few more races under his belt at some point this year and also keep an eye out for #72 senior who may just make an appearance at Darley.

Coming up next are Danny Dulson and Liam Whiteley.