Daniel Hosker

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Daniel probably has no idea but he started the whole Magnificent 7/Amazing 10 group when he contacted me on Instagram saying he wanted to help out new or local businesses and he had seen my Facebook posts and wondered if I could supply him with a few stickers/decals for 2019, it was a gesture that I was more than happy to accept and I hope we will continue to support each other for many years to come.

In 2018 Daniel was racing with the Preston & District Motorcycle Club (PDMCC) at the tight and twisty Three Sister’s circuit in Wigan and was a regular top 10 finisher in the ultra competitive Streetstock 125, Streetstock Evo (and now Freetech Racing) Class. He also took the same bike to more points finishes in the up to 500cc Class.

A very big year now lies ahead for Daniel as he again aims to complete another season with PDMCC where he will be looking to once again take it to his more seasoned rivals and gain more track experience as well as understanding what his machine is capable of. The season may however prove a little difficult to race at every round as, and prepare to feel old, he is sitting his GCSE’s!!

He will also be trying to attend a round or two at Tonfanau if it’s at all possible to further add to his experience and fledgling career.

Daniel in action last year.

As with all our featured riders we will be keeping you up to date with Daniel and all his ups and downs both on track and in the classroom.