Joe Walton.

Knocked from his road bike in 2016 while out riding with friends and breaking more than 15 bones in the resulting accident, when Joe was finally released from hospital he made the decision to leave motorbikes alone for a while.

Joe in action at Darley Moor.

As with many other riders Joe found himself missing being on a bike and so after spending £600 on a 1999 SV650 Minitwin he found himself on the grid at Three Sisters in Wigan where, having never even done a single trackday, he took the chequered flag in 2nd place and followed that remarkable achievement up by storming to the Minitwin title the same year. For the 2017 season Joe decided to arm himself with a newer SV650, slowly tuned it to a Minitwin, switched clubs and went after the Darley Moor title where he only narrowly missed out on a quite remarkable double.

Moving into his third year of racing and the 2018 season Joe had already been working quite closely with Meltedsliders and having impressed with his results he was asked to ride one of the teams GSXR SRAD 600’s an opportunity he rightly grabbed with both hands. Staying at Darley and also now throwing his hat into the ring with No Limits Racing Joe gelled with both the team and the bikes and took wins with both the Minitwin and 600. Sadly, as it so often happens in this most demanding of sports, lady luck can be a fickle b*t*h and a snapped crank in the Twin while holding a 10 second lead at Croft put the bike out for the rest of the year due to a lack of funding.

Joe cranks the gorgeous Meltsliders machine over in 2018.

The miserable end to the year continued for Joe at the 7th and final round at Darley Moor where again tragedy struck while out in front and this one was right in front of a certain blind photographer. For the very first time in my own short career I suddenly knew that you don’t need to actually be able to see an accident to know that it was a big one! A mechanical issue with the bike saw Joe lose control of his 600 at very high speed and even though, as you can plainly see in the photograph below, he fought tooth and nail to prevent the chain of events that followed the bike was left irreparable and Joe at the Nottingham Trauma Centre.

Joe desperately tries to steer out of his impending crash in October 2018.

Thankfully now fully recovered this year will see Joe go hunting for the No Limits Racing Pre-Injection crown on the Meltsliders GSXR SRAD machine and he is currently looking for potential sponsors to come onboard to help him maximise his undoubted talents on a bike. Having had to cover the costs of his huge ‘off’ at Darley Joe is also looking for a sponsor to help with the costs of new leathers which, with only 8 weeks to go before the first round, he is still without.

If anyone can help Joe in any way no matter how big or small then please get in touch with him directly, this would be a great chance to promote your business with a rider that is sure to be featuring at the front and therefore in both the national press and program notes at each round of the championship.

Welcome to the Magnificent 7 Joe Walton, thank you for helping us.